Kingpin Tournament Bowling CD
Kingpin Tournament Bowling CD information for  tournament bowlers looking to take their mental game to the next level. This bowling CD is specifically for tournament situations.

A more complete description is coming

meanwhile heres 2 of many testimonials from bowlers:

"I bowled my first 700 scratch series last night, a 702! Just so awesome.

The program I purchased from you worked so well. I used every technique in conjunction together. If I had used the Tournament Edge CD I probably would have had a higher series or higher games.
By the way the games were 237, 227, 238

Thank you
Chris Araya

"My average is 221 in a house league on a house shot. That is up from 206 last year."

In the house I am at 188 in a PBA Exp / Sport League. The Kingpin Program has improved my mental game on the Sport Conditions.

Ed Lanehart