Bowling Equipment
Bowling Equipment
Bowlers often ask me for advice about bowling equipment.
My answer is always the same.

Buying bowling equipment  is like buying tools for your tool box. You need to have a nice selection of reliable bowling equipment in your bag that you are comfortable with. It does not matter what brand certain bowling PBA pros use. They get paid by Brunswick and Storm and the other bowling equipment suppliers to endorse their bowling products.  Some of them would endorse a square brick if they got paid to do it. 
Get good bowling equipment that you feel comfortable with and that you can afford.

Here is some other unusual bowling equipment every bowler should have in their bag.

1) Bottle of water because staying hydrated is important.
2) Bandages and finger tape.
3) Earplugs
4) Pictures of something that relaxes you that you can glance at if you get frustrated
5) Nail file and clippers for chipped nails and some finger lotion if needed.

Also you really owe it to yourself to make my CD and a CD player or mp3 player part of your bowling equipment.  Many people overlook this part of bowling as a critical piece of equipment. Because no matter what bowling gear that you have in your bag. It all  wont amount to much if your mind is not calm, focused and thinking positive thoughts about you as a bowler which is why investing a few bucks on my bowling CD may be one of the best pieces of bowling equipment you could ever invest in.
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