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Hereís What Other Bowlers Say After Using This Unusual and
Amazing Mental Game Training - Bowling CD or Mp3 Download

Notice here that not every bowler gave me permission to use their name in these reviews and testimonials of my More Strikes and Spares Super Mental Toughness For Bowling Hypnosis CD / Mp3 download Program.

Many consider me their secret weapon in bowling and other bowlers are afraid they will be made fun of for using such an unusual product to improve their bowling.

He Bowled His First 700 In Years!

"I listened to your bowling CD 3 times and bowled last night with a 178 average.
I bowled a 208 - 226- 279 -731  I was amazingly focused. My first 700 in  3 years."
Sincerely John C

Now Averaging 220!

"Your CD Worked Great! I Won $150.00 in pots since listening. Averaging over 220 since.
I was averaging 185 before."
-John Keeley, Bloomfield NJ

Winning and Placing In Bowling Tournaments For The First Time!

"Hi Chris,
In September I purchased your More Strikes and Spares Mental Toughness for Bowling CD; after a week of listening to it I noticed that I was more focused while bowling.  That same month I bowled in a 50+ senior tour tournament and qualified 1st averaging 237 a game and finished 11th.  In October I bowled in the same tournament , I won this tournament averaging about 230 a game.  In the November tournament, I averaged 235 a game and finished 8th.  Before these CD's I had bowled in several tournaments but had never placed. I also purchased the Subliminal Advantage CD and listen to both the CD's daily; they have helped me in tournaments and league.

I listen to the more strikes and spares cd, every night at bed time and it also seems to help me sleep.  Both of the CD's have helped in all aspects of my bowling, they are very relaxing and help to build my confidence. THANK YOU!!!!!
Gordon Sim , Hood River Oregon

Bowled 300!

"Back In January 2007 I was once a non-believer, then I purchased your hypnotic bowling CD and received it Saturday February 3.  I listened to it for 3 hours and the next day on Sunday February 4, 2007 I Bowled a 300 in my second game on that Sunday morning league.

Joseph Barbera, Long Island City, New York

Bowled His First 700 Scratch Series!

"I bowled my first 700 scratch series last night, a 702! Just so awesome.

The program I purchased from you worked so well. I used every technique in conjunction together. If I had used the Bowling Tournament Edge CD I probably would have had a higher series or higher games.
By the way the games were 237, 227, 238

Thank you ,Chris Araya

From Skeptic To Success!

ďI usually listen to this CD 4 nights a week and before I leave home on league evenings.
My bowling average has increased from 157-171. I feel more confident with my bowling now. I also cashed in the Seniors handicap tournament and won $52.00 for 14th place. I am very proud of my bowling and will continue to use the disc that I purchased from you because it really works. My brother bowls with me and was skeptical at first hearing about your product but he has changed his mind and has purchased one for himself and he has gone from 189 average to a 209 average. Thanks for offering such an amazing product.Ē
- Horace J Lambert

Most Improved Bowler
"Mr. Cady. I wanted to thank you so much for the bowling "More Strikes CD" It is awesome. When I Started, my average was 168. I ended the year was a 185 average. I started out this year with hopes of bowling 600 series and ended up bowling more 700 series. I received the most improved average award. Thanks for leading me through a successful bowling season.
Renita Edmonds, Detroit Michigan

Bowled His First 300!
"Bowled my first 300 game after listening 3 times and had a 299 game last night."
Charles Mosley, Deleware

Improved 30 Pins Per Game!

"Wow! I donít know exactly what or how your  (bowling) CD did it, but it made me a better bowler Your web site claims some bowlers gained 20 pins to their game but in over 40 games of bowling in the weeks since listening to your CD Iíve improved over 30 pins per game. My scores are more consistent, Iím more relaxed and my average has gone from 155 /game to 189 game. Iíve had more games in the mid 200ís since listening to your magic but even more importantly Iíve eliminated the occasional 140-150 game."

I do have to say I didnít really think a CD would fix 40 years of inconsistent bowling but I gave your CD a chance because of that absolute satisfaction guarantee. How could I go wrong? I really couldnít believe I was listening to it the first time I put my headphones on. Actually I initially found myself laughing as the disc began. I even had doubts after watching my average explode my first few tries. Even now its hard to believe, but nothing else has changed. Same ball. Same lanes. Same old legs. Same old back
I do have to say Iím definitely a believer. You did what I havenít been able to do on my own. You did what a pro instructor couldnít do. You did what you said youíd do.
Thanks Sincerely"
George Papadakis
Papadakis Photography, Brrington, IL

"My Average Went From 175-210
And Iíve Shot 25 Games of 250 or better including a 300"
Blane Brooks, San Diego CA

Bowled 300 The First Night
"I got Both Your Bowling CDs on Friday and Listened that Night and Bowled 209-213 and 300!!!" Thatís Right 300 on the first night. Obviously it already paid for itself. Iím sold on your products"
John Riley, Godfrey IL

"This Is Truly The Best Bowling Purchase I Ever Made!
Iím 70 years old and my average before your CD was 195."
The day after I received your CD I bowled a high game of 298 in one league and a few days later I had my highest score ever on tough lanesÖ two weeks later I bowled 279 and 11 in a row and a 275 game and another 277 and a 743 series."

No More Nerves!

"I bowled a 550 series in a house that Iím averaging 171. A few days later I shot 685 on an early squad and 729 on a late squad. The following Friday I shot 695 I am more relaxed and my nerves donít get the best of me like they did before."

"Before the bowling CD my average was 191 and 171.
Now its 202 and 180."

"I have had sets of 696, 709, 687, in a house where I was averaging 191 It is now 202."
James Bronson, Jr

"Mr. Cady. I wanted to thank you so much for the "More Strikes CD" It is awesome. When I Started, my average was 168. I ended the year was a 185 average. I started out this year with hopes of bowling 600 series and ended up bowling more 700 series. I received the most improved average award."

"Thanks for leading me through a successful bowling season."
Renita Edmonds, Detroit Michigan

"Iím now relaxed, confident in my decisions and adjustments and picking up more pins than before."
"I have read a lot about the mental game but your CDs have helped me the most, I keep the results booster CD in my car and I listen to it all times. My average before your CD was 202. When I go to tournaments I am calm and relaxed when I bowl. I have a good armswing now. I had a 653 set and a 744. People ask me what is going on in my game."

"Iím now relaxed, confident in my decisions and adjustments and picking up more  pins than before."
Central Williams, Syracuse New York

"I rolled my first 300 and my new high 3 game series of 793 Iím amazed.
I commend you on such a simple yet EFFECTIVE product!"
Yvonne M Jones North Wales PA

Works In Bowling and In Everyday Life Too!
"Immediately improved from 159 to 164  and I am now able to bowl better as I feel more relaxed not only while bowling but in every day living"
Bonnie McKinley

Average Went From 186 To 204
"I used this only 5 times before noticing a difference in my score. Iím more focused and I find that Iím more aware of the different elements of the game. Iím also less afraid to make adjustments and Iím more relaxed in pressure situations and Iím generally more positive and confident and I also use these relaxation techniques at work as well during bowling. My average before this CD was 186 and now its 204"
Richard Wiltese, Miami Beach Florida

"When I first bought this CD I was skeptical and at first did not notice a difference and continued listening to it anyway then I noticed that I concentrated more and didnít get as upset when I made a mistake. I find its easier to focus"

Bowling Went From 187 To 204
"At first I was skeptical but my average before this CD was 187 three weeks later 204 and my best game was 278. Yes it does work. It gives you a whole new control on the game."
Sam Toler, Camden Ohio

Seeing Great Improvements In Her Bowling
"I have been listening every night for 2 weeks I concentrate better when I bowl and since then I have been up from 120 to 140 and Iím picking up more spares and I see a great improvement in my bowling."
Tina Mc Cubbin, Kearney MO

Feels Like He Can Beat Anyone
"I was a 160-170 bowler and now I feel more confident when I bowl as if I 
can beat anyone. I recently bowled 210-140"
James Delmore

25 Pin Increase
"I think your bowling CD is fantastic. My average has increased my 25 pins."

Feeling NO Pain and Bowling Better
"I have a back injury that causes me significant pain and I shouldnít be at the lanes but since I am a parent / bumper league with my 7 year old daughter I go anyway. Your CD puts me in a mindset that overrides the discomfort for a while. I am bowling better and expect to improve even more in time. Thank you so much!!!"
Chery K, Cleaveland Ohio

Bowled a 233
"I went from  135 to 155 and then bowled 233 last week"
Betty Shaffer, Greensburg PA

"Overall the CD has made me very relaxed. I am able to fluff off bad shots and bowled 279 the day after using this CD. Thank you for helping me become more relaxed then I have felt bowling.
Thanks for all your help"
Kevin C Glendale, AZ

Bowled Best Night of The Season!
"I usually bowl 510 to 540 every night then I got your CD and I felt totally relaxed and bowled my best night of the season 620."

This Bowler Went From Skeptic to Raving Fan!
"I am very skeptical with anything to do with hypnosis. I listened  one time and then went to a tournament and  bowled 183, 200 and 209. It was cool to say the least! This program is the real deal."
Chris Lewis, Dixon CA

"My Son is 16 years old so please do not use his name. He has been a 178 average bowler. He listened to your CD 6 x tops and went and bowled 197 average."

"I have been bowling 30 years and this is the best bowling investment I ever made. Iím more focused then ever, I no longer over think everything and it puts me in the zone where I really focus!"
Ed, L

Cashing In Bowling Tournaments
"So far I have a high series of 734...And I cashed in 2 of 3 tournaments..."
Jason Poe

I Bowled My Best Series After Listening To Your Bowling CD.
"My best to date was 784 and a couple of 760's Haven't gotten an 800 yet but I rolled two 300's..."
All of the testimonials and reviews are 100% REAL!
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